About Us

The Word of Faith Centre is a growing and family focused church located in the centre of Luton. Our primary aim is to share God’s word and demonstrate His love through a range of ministries. These include outreach work in the community and close links with prisons, where we share our faith with many of the inmates.

We currently run four 20-week discipleship programs, at levels 1-4 for Christian growth and development and have a vibrant and expanding junior church where the children and young people participate in a full programme of activities. They also frequently take a leading role in corporate services.

Apostolic Churches

The Word of Faith Centre (WoFC) is not an isolated body of believers but an integral part of The Apostolic Church.  It falls under the canopy of The Apostolic Church - London Region. The headquarters of The Apostolic Church, UK is situated in Swansea, South Wales. WoFC also has established links with local fellowships. We are also members of Churches Together in Luton.

The name Apostolic implies not only a belief in the continuing New Testament apostolic character of the Church of Jesus Christ, but also a sense of being sent into the world.