What Does God Say About Anxieties, Cares, Concerns & Worries? - Pt 7

You can be care-free and anxiety-free.

Dear precious child of God, we can do just exactly what the Word of God says: "Do not fret or have any anxiety about anything….. We can cast our cares upon the Lord." If the devil tries to bring a picture of your problem to your mind, put it out of your mind immediately and say, "No, I do not have that, Mr devil. I do not have a care. I have turned that over to the Lord. He has it now."

Father God, who is more than enough, will work on your problem even while you are sleeping. He never slumbers nor sleeps. You need to sleep, but the Lord doesn't and He gives His beloved sleep. You are His beloved because you are accepted in the Beloved, the Lord Jesus Christ. So you should sleep, and your sleep should be sweet!

Precious child of God, it makes a difference when you believe the Bible, because when you believe God's Word, you will practise it. For example, if you are really walking in the light of God's word, then you wouldn't worry even if you returned home and found your house had been broken into while you were gone (such was my experience 22 years ago). You wouldn't worry or fret about it. You would say, "Bless God, the stolen goods will be replaced."


CONFESSION - I will no longer worry or have anxiety about ANYTHING. I roll ALL my cares and anxieties on the Lord once and for all for He cares super abundantly for me.


Ps 37:5;  Ps 55:22;  PS 121:3-4;  PS 127:2;  Matt 6:25-27;  Lk 12:25;  EPH 1:6;  PHIL 4:6;  1 PE 5:7