Believer's Place With Christ - Part 2

My dear beloved, when Christ died so did we. When He rose from the dead so did we and when He ascended on high to sit at the Father's right hand so did we. Our place therefore is at the Father's right hand, a place of authority from where we prosecute our case and take territories back for the Lord.

Post ascension, you'll never find anywhere in scriptures where Jesus in person is expected to do something about the enemy, his cohorts and their operations, no - we are! Believers are now the extension of Christ's hands and feet and are His body. You and I, beloved, must take our place and exercise our Christ-delegated authority in the wisdom of the Holy Spirit and His power.

It's about time we took back all territories for Jesus: family members that have strayed away from the Lord; unsaved loved ones and uncultivated lands - let's prayerfully take them back in Jesus' name. Remember, we're operating from the Father's right hand - a place of authority!

CONFESSION - I am seated together with Christ, therefore I take my place in the execution of His will here on earth by taking territories with Christ.


Josh 1:2-4;  Matt 28:19-20;  Act 16:29-31;  Rom 12:1-2;    Eph 2:5-7;    Phil 2:5-11;     Col 2:13-15;      Col 3:16-17;      Rev 1:18-19.