Follow God Fully

Those who would follow God fully are prayerfully dependent on Father God. They carefully copy the pattern of Jesus when He walked this planet earth - He did nothing without first committing it to His Father in prayer. On one occasion, He emphatically declared that He does only what He sees His Father do. But where did He see His Father do anything? It can only be in an intimate place of prayer, the Father's secret place. For those who would follow God fully therefore, prayer is NEVER an optional extra, a religious exercise that is done out of duty or when in trouble but rather a way of life that affirms their reliance upon the God (of this universe) who is more than enough. Prayer legitimises God to move on their behalf and God promises to hear when they call upon Him. Saints of God, prayer NEVER takes away from you but rather it adds to and restores you.

CONFESSION - I boldly approach the throne of grace in prayer because the Word of God says I can and I do. The Father's ears are attentive to my prayers now in Jesus' name, amen.

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